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Injection moulding + mould making

Perfectly formed shot by shot –
we are the ideal partner for complete solutions for your precision parts made of plastic and silicone

Micro-components injection moulded shot by shot with absolute repeatability, complex mouldings featuring uncompromisingly tight dimensional tolerances – our system solutions precisely and reliably meet your requirements across all steps in the process.


Our expertise ranges from commodity thermoplastic resins to high-temperature materials. From insert to multi-material moulding. This is complemented by versatile surface techniques such as printing, painting or laser marking. Thanks to the collaboration with Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH, toolcraft is able to provide high-quality finishing of high-tech injection-moulded parts. In our mould making it ranges from proprietary moulds and series production moulds to mould bases in contract manufacturing. From the manufacturing and measuring of electrodes to wire cutting and die sinking to the complete machining of inserts and mould bases our mould making services are available exclusively too.


Our full range of solutions includes small and micro moulded and injection-moulded parts used in areas including medicine and surgery. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services also features clean room solutions.

quality Assurance.

Strict quality assurance is an integral part of our process chain. We have met the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard for medical devices since March 2014. This certification attests to our extensive quality management system for the production of surgical instruments according to our clients’ specifications. We would also be happy to integrate your product into our certificate.


Process chain – injection moulding and mould making

toolcraft covers the entire process chain during the production of injection-moulded parts. You can also order any of the steps in the process individually.

01Component development
02Simulation and Design
03Mould making
04Sampling and Measurement
06Series production with quality assurance included
07Surface finishing/assembly

Component development

When designing components, we provide support with costs and reproducibility as well as advice on the choice of materials. We also think about downstream processes such as removal by robot, assembly and finishing right from the outset.

Simulation and Design

To reduce the time to market, we simulate filling and warpage properties. Our design team develops new tool concepts all the way to the final design.

Mould making

Our state-of-the-art machinery means we can cover the entire tool manufacturing process chain in-house – from electrical discharge machining, HSC milling and wire eroding to measuring the quality of electrodes and tool components.

Sampling and Measurement

After performing a sample inspection of the final tools, we measure the components using CT scanning to assess their geometry and create a test report.


We set up the equipment and prepare the robot for handling as part of the injection moulding process.

Series production with quality assurance included

We use visual inspections, optical measuring techniques and CT measurements to ensure your components are of excellent quality.

Surface finishing/assembly

We finish the components using laser marking, varnishing and pad printing and assemble individual components as per our customers’ requirements.


An injection moulding tool optimised using additive manufacturing – just one example of the benefits you can enjoy from toolcraft’s clever combinations of technology.

Injection moulding aND mould making –
Complex, delicate, refined

Fully developed: toolcraft delivers solutions with added value


  • With our experience in design and development you can minimise the time-to-market of your moulds and injection moulded parts.


  • We are well familiar with the material and mould requirements of many industries and applications.


  • Injection Moulding permits the most complex geometries and the smallest details. 


  • Through functional integration and consolidated assemblies.


  • There's no such thing as “can't be done” in Injection Moulding. Even complicated undercuts and demanding insert applications are no problem.


  • We also have capacities for prototyping, pilot and small production series.

Precision in every part – our Mould Making offers the entire process chain. All services are exclusively available too::

Inserts, sliders or contour cores:

  • Preliminary machining of mould inserts and sliders made of all common tool steels but also special materials (HSS, hard metal etc.)
  • Finishing of mould inserts and sliders including wire cutting and die sinking

Mould bases: 

  • Manufacturing of mould bases including provision of materials according to customers requirements
  • Production according 3D data

Die sinking:

  • Automated and air-conditioned production
  • Tracking of parts and electrodes using a CERTA-chip-system
  • Electrodes made of graphite, in special cases copper or tungsten copper
  • High-quality measuring of electrodes and finished parts
  • Processing of steel, titanium, hard metal and Inconel


  • Clamping system ITS 50 Erowa or Erowa 148 Powerchuck
  • Graphite EDM200, EDM1, EDM3 or other sorts on request

Laser welding:

  • Alpha Laser ALW 150
  • Contract welding of tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel® , titanium, copper alloys (e.g. Ampco), aluminium
  • Joint welding on request

Comprehensive material expertise – when selecting the most suitable injection moulding material for your specific application, you can rely on our long-standing experience in a wide range of application areas. And as a contract moulder we are also well at home in all matters of processability. We mould:

  • All standard commodity and engineering thermoplastics
  • High-temperature resins, such as PEEK, PPSU, PPS, etc.
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Liquid crystal polymers (LCP)
  • Liquid silicone materials


  • Tool steel
  • Stainless and acid resistant steel
  • Titanium and aluminium alloys
  • Hard metal
  • Nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel® (z.B. Inconel® 625), Waspaloy®, Hastelloy®
  • Tungsten copper
  • Copper and brass

Precision Engineering – Mould Making is one of toolcraft's core competencies. We manufacture injection moulds for any production volume to highest standards of precision and quality: 

  • Aluminium/steel prototyping moulds
  • Steel mould bases for small production series
  • Moulds for series production
  • Moulds for multi-material injection moulding and insert moulding
  • Moulds for ceramic injection moulding
  • Zinc die casting moulds
  • Contract manufacturing of moulds and spare parts
  • Laser welding

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Complete solutions for precision parts made of plastic and silicone

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Automated mould making with HSC milling (High Speed Cutting)

Medical components TPE

Medical components 2K injection moulding

Hearing aid with battery compartment

Hybrid components

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