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Integration solutions for robotic applications in all industrial sectors – complete from the initial idea to the final product.

Robots are used wherever speed and flexibility are required during the production process. There is a trend here towards increasing performance and building intelligent systems. As an integrator, toolcraft builds universally applicable robotics solutions.

Our solutions.

toolcraft creates customised complete solutions, and you benefit from a dedicated point of contact for the hardware, software and electronics. All our automation solutions can be programmed offline or using G-code programming. Since assembly lines generally do not accommodate training or test setups, we also have a training cell, the Academia Box, which is capable of replicating a wide range of machining processes and areas of application.


With our fully programmed integration solution, you can achieve uniform quality and precise repeatability. When operating in a workspace tailored to your requirements, robots can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from pick-and-place solutions to the complex machining of numerous materials. Following the conceptual design phase and feasibility analyses, you can choose a standard solution or ask us to create an automation package tailored precisely to your requirements.


Robot cells can be used to precisely process a wide array of materials by gripping, picking up, holding, sorting, milling, polishing and deburring objects. Our production solutions are used in virtually all industrial sectors.


Process chain – Robotics

toolcraft is your full-service partner for automation and machining processes – from the initial idea and planning to integration. We save you immense time, as with us there is no need to coordinate between design, R&D and procurement.

01Requirements and feasibility analysis
02Simulation of movement patterns
03Simulation of the workspace
04Technical implementation
05Assembly and installation

Requirements and feasibility analysis

We ascertain the technical requirements and physically analyse which processing steps need to be replicated. This results in the creation of a basic design concept, which serves as the basis for a 3D simulation.

Simulation of movement patterns

We simulate the movement patterns so that we can determine the space requirements and real-time cycles to avoid collisions. Existing machines can be added using CAD interfaces.

Simulation of the workspace

By simulating the workspace virtually, we do away with the need for time-consuming physical tests. As an add-on, we can also create a virtual tour of your facilities.

Technical implementation

We design the entire system, even taking care of the programmable logic controller (PLC).

Assembly and installation

As part of our comprehensive approach, we take responsibility for the logistical aspects as well as the installation and maintenance.


We implement your automated solution, ensure that it is operating properly and train your staff.


Discover how robot cells with various areas of application work in practice.


Application center


Wide range of different processing possibilities



Automated assembly

Robotics – Integration technology for your machining and manufacturing processes.

Holistic: Take advantage of our complete custom solutions

Everything from one source.

  • We offer you everything relating to robotics - from the idea and planning to integration.


  • You benefit from our software expertise.

Individual solutions.

  • We find the right solution for you, whatever sector you work in. We can use our range of in-house test cells to create trial setups.

Flexible production.

  • A toolcraft robotic cell allows you to optimise your production fully automatically. This offers a wide range of different processing possibilities, making it more flexible than conventional CNC machines.

We build flexible and universally applicable robotic solutions for our customers. Whatever the industry or field of application, we'll find the right solution for you.


  • Wood industry

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Medical technology

  • Packaging industry

  • Consumer goods industry


  • Machining, finishing of metals, plastics, wood and ceramic materials

  • Automation

  • Vision Systems

  • Assembly stations, e.g. furniture assembly

  • Separation systems

  • Milling

  • Grinding and polishing

  • Automated injection moulding processes

  • Laser metal deposition

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Robotics - the technology for your machining and manufacturing processes

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Application milling

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Application polishing

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