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cross-dimensional manufacturing – 
Consulting service and manufacturing technology, brought together for you.

Unleash the power of innovation with toolcraft and the production of high-end precision parts. We combine the wide array of opportunities opened up by manufacturing technology with the depth of possibilities offered by the manufacturing process into a unique consulting and manufacturing standard: Cross-Dimensional Manufacturing.

What is conceivable,
Will be feasible.

As an innovative manufacturing partner, we help you unlock your potential for growth and set the pace to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Our optimally designed and manufactured components give you a leading edge in the market. From our range of options “x”, we give you a technological edge “+”.



We apply a cross-dimensional approach to your project by drawing on the four factors of success for high-end precision parts.

Your selection x of options is made conceivable by taking all of the following characteristics into account:


  • tailored to the specific materials
  • functionally integrated 
  • weight-reduced
  • stress-resistant
  • environmentally resistant



  • precise and industry-specific
  • additively manufactured
  • subtractively manufactured
  • high-quality surface finish
  • prototypical
  • series production


Degree of automation

  • optimised for production
  • customised
  • visualisable
  • fully and partially automated
  • certified



  • personalised
  • cost-effective
  • flexible
  • solution-oriented 
  • reliable


Development |  Prodution  | AUTOMATIon |  QUALIFIcation

We gather together our technological, processing and automation skills cross-dimensionally to manufacture your components.

The + which gives you your technological edge is made possible by our overlapping skilful use of:



  • simulation
  • FEM calculations
  • topology optimisation
  • CAD technology
  • AM software



  • industry synergies
  • additive manufacturing
  • machining
  • injection moulding and mould making
  • spark erosion (EDM)
  • CAM technology



  • concept development
  • 3D simulation
  • test setups
  • offline programming
  • integration solution



  • tactile and optical measuring
  • non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • special tests
  • in-house lab
  • certifications


From research and technical development to design and manufacturing, our highly qualified team is by your side every step of the way. Our cross-technological approach means that we are on hand to advise and support you from the initial idea all the way through to quality assurance. You also benefit from our wide range of simulation skills and can ask us to use reverse engineering to generate design files for components which have already been manufactured.

+In our additive manufacturing division, we conduct design and quality assurance work for use with additive manufacturing, using techniques such as simulations and topology optimisation.

+In our robotics and automation division, we support you by playing the role of an integrator, from conceptual design and feasibility analysis to fully programmed automation.

+Our machining team uses innovative clamping devices to produce precisely manufactured components and assemblies in cases where getting the tolerances right is absolutely critical.

+Using our tool design and optimisation skills combined with our simulation capabilities, our injection moudling and mould making division covers the complete part design process chain – all the way to automation.

Cross-Dimensional Consulting. 

Sprint to the finish line

As your research and development partner, we can help you explore new avenues of business and market opportunities. 
Sprint to the finish line with our consulting service! Choose a tried-and-tested consulting service which will transform your project from an idea into reality. And lay the best possible foundations for creating superior components which will keep you ahead of the competition.

Uncover your
potential for innovation.

Choose a tried-and-tested consulting service which will transform your project from an idea into reality. And lay the best possible foundations for excellent end results.

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