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Filigree and precise

Complete process chain for the production of in-ear hearing aids

WS Audiology (WSA) was formed following the merger of Sivantos GmbH and Widex in 2019 and can look back on 140 years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art hearing aids. Having already worked with Sivantos for many years, toolcraft stepped in when WSA was looking for a component supplier for its in-ear hearing aids. It was crucial that toolcraft could take care of the entire process chain.

Used technologies:


WS Audiology

the starting point:
Partner wanted for the entire process chain

Cooperation with WS Audiology began at an early stage in the process. This allowed toolcraft to be involved in the complete process chain and to map it in its entirety.

The Challenge:
Filigree parts with a range of requirements

The plastics needed to produce the extremely small parts posed a particular challenge. In addition to a liquid-crystalline polymer, Ultramid® with a glass fibre content of 30% also had to be processed to overmould filigree stainless steel inserts measuring 2 x 3.8 mm. The moulds had to fulfil complex functions using compact inclined and underfloor sliders in a very confined space as well as inclined ejectors for snapping the halves of the hearing aid housing. The high-precision mould geometry for the smallest spotting areas was also important. In addition, the parts had to be produced without any burrs and the gap dimensions had to be observed precisely in order to form a surface that could be painted. An additional visual requirement was the need for the filigree assembly to include highly polished parts.

The Approach:
Everything from a single supplier

  • Consultation with the client every step of the way, starting from the component development stage
  • Design and construction of the injection moulds
  • Development of a reliable production process through monitoring of the insertion tools
  • Production of the injection-moulded parts
  • Measurement and quality assurance using a CT scanner

The Results:
Extensive expertise produces high-quality results

toolcraft was able to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility and, in close cooperation with WS Audiology, succeeded in making injection moulds with extremely complex demoulding mechanics ready for series production.

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