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Big Step Forward in Micro-Components Engineering

Fully automated manufacture of extremely small precision parts in two-component design

With a two-component solution for the housing of an innovative hearing aid, toolcraft has demonstrated its competence not only in mould making, but also in contract moulding of high-precision parts of smallest dimensions. The top housing shell consists of a demanding hard/soft material combination and meets tightest clearance requirements.

Used technologies:

the starting point:
Hard Shell, Soft Core

Micro-components often involve macro-demands on mould design, manufacture and assembly. For these reasons, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids was looking for a total solution in highest precision and quality. For a housing part with little to no warpage, to be moulded in PA12 with a thermoplastic elastomer sealing.

the challenge:
Micro-Injection Moulding Without Any Compromises

In order to warrant the efficiency of the application, we had to develop a mould that would provide absolute process stability for the integrated two-component moulding process. In addition, the parts required extremely tight clearances for accuracy of fit as well as repeatable injection for smallest shot weights.

the approach:
Combined Competencies

  • Development of an automated manufacturing concept for two-component injection moulding
  • Design and development of a 1+1-cavity precision mould
  • Design and programming of the manufacturing cell, including quality control (camera system and robot) as well as downstream deposition, individual collection in trays and packaging of the mouldings

the results:
High-Technology Process for High-End Parts

The overall concept was jointly implemented by the Engineering, Mould Making and Injection Moulding teams at toolcraft in close collaboration with the supplier of the injection moulding machine. It has shown that even the manufacture of smallest precision parts in two-component design can be efficiently automated in an integral approach.

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