Semiconductors, Optical Industry, and Opto-Electronics

Are Highly Specialised Segments in Electronics with a Wide Range of Diverse Applications

Semiconductors relate to many different products in electrical engineering and electronics, including light emitting diodes (LED) as well as microelectronic wafer assemblies. High-technology products of the optical industry are found in medical engineering and as far as in outer space. And opto-electronics combine both of those disciplines at the “interface of light” by providing transmitters, receivers, amplifiers and other components for the transmission of optical signals.

Due to the wide range of applications from everyday to high-end products, all three segments are characterised by fluctuating order volumes as well as short-term large-scale orders with tight delivery times.

toolcraft meets these challenges with flexible manufacturing capacities permitting fast response to changing customer demands.

Challenges and Solutions

Highest quality and precision are self-evident in this market. In addition, the continuing trend towards miniaturisation within all segments of electronics also requires a maximum of qualified expertise in materials and processability.

Specialised in Integral System Solutions, toolcraft Offers a Comprehensive Service Portfolio for Semiconductors, Optical Industry, and Opto-Electronics:

  • Mapping the entire process chain – turning, milling, spark erosion, measuring and testing
  • Development of prototypes through to series production
  • Job management also over longer periods of time, including buffer stock agreements and just-in-time delivery schemes

    Application Examples

    The dimensions of our wide range of solutions are highlighted by high-precision parts for laser steppers and microscopes, by measuring instruments in the semiconductors environment, and by Leica's limited M9 Titanium camera.

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  • Case Study Leica M9 Titanium

    With parts made by toolcraft