Motor Sports and Automotive

Continue to Provide New Challenges

The automotive industry has always been a trendsetter for many innovative technologies and materials. Motor sports, on the other hand, is a test area for many of these developments before they are entered into the more general vehicle production.

In both segments, suppliers are expected to offer a high level of flexibility in combination with dependable delivery and fast response. Further requirements range from the willingness for collaborating in demanding development projects up to complete project management.

With comprehensive experience in this industry, toolcraft has established itself as a proven dynamic partner for advanced automotive applications, from Formula 1 to road vehicles.

Challenges and Solutions

In under-bonnet components, there is a continuing trend towards increasingly compact designs. Above all, this entails rising demands on suitable materials for thermal management. Many of these high-temperature materials are harder to machine or process than their predecessors, which requires extensive know-how and experience. Visible parts, such as trim strips, place high demands not just on their own surfaces but also on those of the rigs used in automotive assembly.

The Service Offering of toolcraft Covers All Stages of Project Development:

  • Material studies and recommendations on manufacturing technology
  • Qualified engineering support, backed by the cross-industry know-how of our Engineering team
  • Fast development of high-precision prototypes in commodity and high-end materials
  • Various different surface treatment techniques
  • Comprehensive testing, including crack detection and structural tests by means of CT and X-ray scans
  • Production of complex components in small to medium-size series volumes within shortest delivery times and at lowest manufacturing costs
  • Quality assurance according to customer specifications (industry guidelines, customer standards, …)

    Application Examples

    Examples of our extensive expertise in this industry include components for interior design, engine, powertrain, air intake and exhaust systems of Le Mans and DTM vehicles as well as chassis parts, but also test stands for engine and gearbox components, and assembly rigs.

    Convince Yourself

    Read the case studies on our tube decoater for media line ends, on polishing ceramics for Oechsler or on the valve cover for a Lotus engine. Upon request we will also be pleased to send you an overview of our references.

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