Turning and Milling

With the Right Turn in Machining from Design to the Finished Part

CNC milling to highest standards of precision. A dedicated contact who takes care of your concerns throughout all production stages. A state-of-the-art equipment park, for complete machining of individual parts or assemblies. This is how we at toolcraft create optimum quality from the first enquiry to the completed job.

Our flat hierarchies allow a maximum of flexibility. And our long-standing experience in CNC machining ensures best results. The use of multi-axes technology and angle heads highlights only two examples of toolcraft's innovative strengths. There is hardly a metal for which our CNC milling specialists will not find the right turn. For high-temperature applications we process Inconel 625, among others. The nickel-chromium alloy is famous for its high tensile and thermal-fatigue strength and outstanding corrosion restistance. These properties make it interesting for the aerospace, the chemical industry as well as the motor sports and automotive sector.

toolcraft is collaborating with the Swiss company PCam to develop a novel automation solution over a workspace of 80 m². The robot in this solution travels on a portal above the machines and loads them from above through a hatch. The benefits are clear, as the design not only saves space, but guarantees flexible machining as well.

Automation 4.0

Hochdruck Verdichterleitschaufel Krümmerflansch Hydraulikblock
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    • Materials
    • Contract manufacturing mould making

    Versatile: Benefit from the Expertise of a Market Leader

    • Comprehensive machining capacities.
      Total solutions for virtually any challenge in CNC milling and CNC turning.
    • Innovation potential.
      Efficient techniques open new fields of application for you.
    • High productivity.
      Our fully integrated complete machining approach saves you costs and time.
    • Flexible manufacturing.
      Thanks to dedicated capacity expansion, a high level of vertical integration, and flat hierarchies.
    • Project support with short communication channels.
      A dedicated contact is assigned to you from the design phase to the finished product.
    • Many years of experience.
      Extensive market, material and process know-how in CNC milling ensures best results.

    Our References

    Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

    Comprehensive Service Offering

    Our expertise in turning and milling is reflected in the broad range of processes and services that we can offer you as part of our complete machining approach:

    • Milling, turning, and rotary milling
    • Wire and die sinking EDM
    • Flat/cylindrical grinding
    • Thermal and surface treatment
    • Laser marking
    • Assembly of components
    • Cleanroom compliant cleaning and packaging
    • Consistent quality assurance
    • Non-destructive surface testing with fluorescing penetrants (NDT technology)
    • Finishing techniques (polishing, sand blasting, …)

      Experience in All Kinds of Materials

      We have a thorough knowledge of our customers' markets. And are always focussed on the latest machining techniques for classical metals as well as innovative alloys. We turn and mill:

      • Mono-crystalline materials
      • Titanium and aluminium alloys
      • Nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel® (e.g. Inconel® 625), Waspaloy, Hastelloy, …
      • Stainless and acid resistant high-grade steel as well as aviation steel
      • Tool steel
      • Tungsten and magnesium
      • Copper and brass
      • Plastic stock shapes
      • Laminated fabrics, such as epoxy bound glass fibre plastic compounds

      Precision in every part

      Our mould making offers the entire process chain. All services are exclusively available too:

      • Inserts, sliders or contour cores:
      • Preliminary work of mould inserts and sliders made of every common tool steels but also special material (HSS, hard metal etc.)
      • Grinding of inserts and sliders
      • Finishing of mould inserts and sliders including wire cutting and die sinking
      • Mould bases:
      • Manufacturing of mould bases including material provision according to customers requests up to 800/800mm
      • Production according to 2D data in PDF format and 3D data in Step, x.T. or IGES
      • Die sinking:
      • Automated and air-conditioned production
      • Tracking of parts via Certa-chip-system
      • Electrodes made of graphite, in special cases copper or tungsten copper
      • High-quality measuring of electrodes and finished parts
      • Processing of steel, titanium, hard metal and Inconel
      • Electrodes:
      • Clamping system ITS 50 Erowa or Erowa 148 Powerchuck
      • Graphite EDM200, EDM1, EDM3 or other sorts on request
      • 3D data in Step or IGES
      • Statements about the spark gap in the radius
      • Laser welding:
      • Alpha Laser ALW 150
      • Contract welding of tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, copper alloys (e.g. Ampco), aluminium
      • Joint welding on request

      Impressions of our Turning and Milling dimension

      • Rotary milling
        Rotary milling to highest dimensional accuracy
      • Mazak-i-200ST
      • Leica M9 Titanium
        Leica M9 Titanium
      • Rotary valve
        Rotary valve motor sports
      • Engine valve manifold Motor Sports
        Engine valve manifold Motor Sports
      • Hyperloop parts
        Hyperloop parts
      • Body Defence and Security
        Body Defence and Security
      • Brass housing for water metering technology
        Brass housing for water metering technology
      • Tank cap
        Tank cap aerospace
      • Cam ring optical industry
        Cam ring optical industry
      • Rib
        Rib aerospace
      • Structural components for Aerospace
        Structural components for Aerospace
      • Probe Aerospace
        Probe Aerospace
      • Spacer ring optical industry
        Spacer ring optical industry