Spark Erosion (EDM)

We're Also Wired for EDM

Wire electro-discharge machining (EDM) for spark erosive machining of all conductive materials regardless of hardness. Wire EDM provides sharp edges and meets highest demands of dimensional accuracy and precise contouring. Advanced die sinking EDM permits delicate, complex and three-dimensional geometries. In most cases, the electrode is made of graphite, in individual cases of copper. Where mechanical machining reaches its limits, toolcraft relies on the power of electro-erosive manufacturing.

In order to meet the tightest tolerances and the highest demands of quality and precision, our production floor space is air-conditioned, and our measuring department uses advanced metrology for validating our precision components.

  • Benefits
  • References
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  • Contract manufacturing mould making

Proven: Capitalise on a Developed Technology

  • Best results.
    Both wire and die sinking EDM permit an extremely accurate removal of material.
  • Versatile benefits.
    Typical examples include highly complex structures, burr-free edges, deep and small sinks as well as different grades of surface finish.
  • Qualified specialists.
    Trained in our in-house mould making operations.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
    We continuously invest in the latest processing technology.
  • Flexible manufacturing.
    We deliver precisely as agreed.

Our Refrences

Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

From Copper to Hard Metals

There's no material that can escape our spark erosion specialists. Even the finest details, complex geometries and complicated undercuts are no problem on our computer controlled machines. Our material expertise in EDM includes:

  • Mono-crystalline materials
  • Titanium and aluminium alloys
  • Nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel®, Waspaloy, Hasteloy, …
  • Hard metals, tool and high-grade steel
  • Tungsten and magnesium
  • Copper and brass

Precision in every part


Our mould making offers the entire process chain. All services are exclusively available too:

  • Inserts, sliders or contour cores:
  • Preliminary work of mould inserts and sliders made of every common tool steels but also special material (HSS, hard metal etc.)
  • Finishing of mould inserts and sliders including wire cutting and die sinking
  • Mould bases:
  • Manufacturing of mould bases including material provision according to customers requests
  • Production according 3D data
  • Die sinking:
  • Automated and air-conditioned production
  • Tracking of parts and electrodes via Certa-chip-system
  • Electrodes made of graphite, in special cases copper or tungsten copper
  • High-quality measuring of electrodes and finished parts
  • Processing of steel, titanium, hard metal and Inconel
  • Electrodes:
  • Clamping system ITS 50 Erowa or Erowa 148 Powerchuck
  • Graphite EDM200, EDM1, EDM3 or other sorts on request
  • Laser welding:
  • Alpha Laser ALW 150
  • Contract welding of tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, copper alloys (e.g. Ampco), aluminium
  • Joint welding on request


Impressions of our Spark Erosion dimension

  • Manufacturing of electrodes made of graphite
    Manufacturing of electrodes made of graphite
  • Quality measuring of electrodes
    Quality measuring ...
  • Measuring of electrodes for 100%
    ... for 100%
  • Wire erosion at Georgensgmünd
    Wire erosion at Georgensgmünd
  • Spark erosion...
    Spark erosion...
  • Precise cutting
    …for precise cutting
  • Rotational axis for special machining
    Rotational axis for special machining
  • Varified quality with measurement report
    Varified quality with measurement report
  • die sinking
    Automated tool design with Certa-System ...
  • Accurate material removal with erosion
    ... for accurate material removal ...
  • Filigree geometries with die sinking
    ... and filigree geometries