Fully automatic production process optimisation

A partner for total solutions - from the initial idea to the final product. Thanks to our highly qualified team, we can successfully meet this challenge. Many years of experience in machining and our long-term partnership with unicam Software GmbH have led to the creation of the toolcraft in-house robotics system.

Robots are used wherever speed and flexibility are the key requirements for production processes. The main focus here is on increasing performance and building intelligent systems. Robotics technology has a long development history. At first it was mainly used in the automotive industry; however, robots can now be found in almost every sector. That's where toolcraft comes in. We build universally applicable robotic solutions for our customers. We adapt our robots, tools and installation size to meet your individual needs.

In the context of practical robotics, toolcraft offers everything you need in terms of programming. Our long-term cooperation with the software company unicam is particularly valuable here. It means we don't just provide you with a machine, but we also give you all necessary hard- and software. The new OCTOPUZ software makes it possible to programme all our automation solutions offline.

Application milling

Application cutting

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    Holistic: Take advantage of our complete custom solutions

    • Everything from one source
      We offer you everything relating to robotics - from the initial idea to the complete system.
    • Offline programming
      You benefit from the software expertise of our partner company.
    • Individual solutions
      We find the right solution for you, whatever sector you work in. Preliminary test set-ups can be created with a machining cell on our premises.
    • Flexible production
      A toolcraft robotic cell allows you to optimise your production fully automatically. This offers a wide range of different processing possibilities, making it more flexible than conventional CNC machines - and it also costs you less. 

    Our References

    Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

    Service Offering

    Individualised solutions: We build flexible and universally applicable robotic solutions for our customers. Whatever the industry or field of application, we'll find the right solution for you.

    • Metalworking and plastics processing
    • Wood and model construction
    • Material finishing
    • Machining, grinding, drilling
    • Cutting fibreglass and carbon fibre components
    • Cutting, thread-cutting or trimming
    • Deburring, polishing, measuring




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    • Robot cutts
      From the first idea...
    • Robot cutting the finished product
    • Milling with robot
      Wide range of different processing possibilities
    • robot polishing
    • Milling
    • Cutting
    • Robot mills
      Adapted to your individual needs
    • Robot milling
      e.g. wood and model construction
    • robotics
      Robotics in Georgensgmund