Measuring and Testing

Tested and Validated Suitability Turns Our Components into Certified Quality Products Manufactured to your specifications, in compliance with applicable standards and assured quality. Demands that are mandatory in almost any industry, today. As the range of requirements in measuring and testing the suitability and safety of different products increases, documented quality has become more important than ever.

At toolcraft, the measuring and testing of manufactured products is an integral part of our total solutions. A highly qualified team with many years of experience in this field as well as advanced metrology and testing technology provide assured and documented quality - for you and your customers.

We keep new developments on the market under close observation, and promptly adopt any useful features emerging. Therefore we expanded our performance range by another dimension - with a system for non-destructive surface testing.

On an area of 75 m², we can now offer the opportunity to check components using a non-destructive method for cracks, overlaps, folds, pores and binding errors in the surface. The area is in accordance with Nadcap requirements. Even microscopically small cracks are revealed in the evaluation cabin under UVA light; these are cracks which can have a decisive effect in aerospace applications. However, the quality and surface finish of components is pivotal, especially in applications where ensuring safety and gaining certifications is important.

This is why in addition to analysing the powder used, toolcraft evaluates the properties of additively manufactured test pieces, as these are representative of the subsequently produced components. We are now testing the dynamic strength of various metals using fatigue testing. The resulting Wöhler curves indicate the relationship between the number of cycles to failure and the applied stress.

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Beyond Limits: Benefit from Our Know-how in Measuring and Testing

  • Validated precision.
    Even the most precise dimensions at inaccessible places are not a problem.
  • QA toolcraft for assured qualification.
    To applicable regulatory and highest industrial standards.
  • Documented product performance.
    Verified quality to ensure the in-use safety and suitability of your products.
  • Long-standing expertise.
    Qualified specialists with experience in many different fields of industry.
  • Advanced equipment.
    We continuously invest in the latest state of technology in measuring devices, test stands and software.

Our References

Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

Complete Service Offering

Whether as part of our total solutions approach or for specific singular jobs: At toolcraft, measuring and testing starts with individual advice. So you can rest assured that in the end you will hold in your hands the exact certificate of tested product suitability as required. Our service offering comprises:

  • Custom-tailored advice
  • Tactile and optical measuring
  • Special tests according to customer specifications
  • Laser and dot marking
  • Non-destructive surface testing with fluorescing penetrants (NDT technology)
  • Fatigue testing

Our Equipment

In order to meet your requirements, we use only the most advanced hardware and software. We keep a close watch on developments in this field, and promptly implement appropriate innovations. Our current equipment includes:

  • 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Tactile measuring devices manufactured to individual product needs
  • Measuring devices for surface finish (roughness) and test equipment for contour measurement, stereomicroscopy, endoscopy, …
  • High-performance measuring and testing software
  • Additional programming stations for implementing your individual measuring and testing specifications
  • Non-contact optical measuring (GOM)
  • System for non-destructive surface testing
  • Test stands for fatigue testing

    Impressions of our Measuring and Testing dimension

    • Tacticle measuring
      Tacticle measuring
    • System for non-destructive testing on 75 m²
      System for non-destructive testing on 75 m²
    • Even microscopically small cracks are visibule under UVA light
      Even microscopically small cracks are visibule under UVA light
    • Testing of dynamic strength of various metals using fatigue testing
      Testing of dynamic strength of various metals using fatigue testing
    • Any existing defects are documented
      Any existing defects are documented
    • Intermediate cleaning of the sample plate
      Intermediate cleaning of the sample plate
    • Emulsifier bath in order to partially dissolve the penetrant
      Emulsifier bath in order to partially dissolve the penetrant
    • High-performance test stands
      High-performance test stands
    • Off-line programming work stations
      Off-line programming work stations
    • Optical measuring
      Optical measuring