Injection Moulding and
Mould Making

Maximum Precision in Injection Moulding and Tool Design

Micro-components injection moulded shot by shot with absolute repeatability. Complex mouldings featuring uncompromisingly tight dimensional tolerances. As part of system solutions covering all steps along the value chain. From design and material selection to your finished, qualified product. This is the injection moulding and tool design of toolcraft.

Whether in contract manufacturing of injection moulds or in customer-specific injection moulded plastic parts: We attach great importance to quality and precision at high flexibility and fast response. Our expertise ranges from commodity thermoplastic resins to high-temperature materials. From insert to 2K- or multi-material moulding. In our mould making it ranges from proprietary moulds and series production moulds to mould bases in contract manufacturing. From the manufacturing and measuring of electrodes, wire cutting and die sinking (spark erosion EDM) to complete machining of inserts all services of our mould making are available exclusively too.

This is complemented by versatile surface techniques – such as printing, painting or laser marking. toolcraft's comprehensive product and service offering also includes cleanroom solutions. Thanks to the collaboration with Wohlrab Aufdampftechnik GmbH, toolcraft is able to provide high-quality finishing of high-tech injection-moulded parts. Wohlrab offers numerous coating techniques. These include high-quality PVD coating for the metallisation of materials using sputtering, dirt-repellent nanocoatings, transparent conductive ITO coating and much more.

Process chain injection moulding and mould making

From the idea to the finished mould

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    • Contract manufacturing mould making
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    Fully Developed: toolcraft Delivers Solutions with Added Value

    • Speed.
      With our experience in design and development you can minimise the time-to-market of your moulds and injection moulded parts.
    • Expertise.
      We are well familiar with the material and mould requirements of many industries and applications.
    • Unsurpassed freedom of design.
      Injection moulding permits the most complex geometries and the smallest details.
    • Fewer individual parts.
      Through functional integration and consolidated assemblies.
    • Countless process variants.
      There's no such thing as “can't be done” in injection moulding. Even complicated undercuts and demanding insert applications are no problem.
    • Efficiency.
      We also have capacities for prototyping, pilot and small production series.

    Precision in every part

    Our mould making offers the entire process chain. All services are exclusively available too:

    • Inserts, sliders or contour cores:
    • Preliminary work of mould inserts and sliders made of every common tool steels but also special material (HSS, hard metal etc.)
    • Finishing of mould inserts and sliders including wire cutting and die sinking
    • Mould bases:
    • Manufacturing of mould bases including material provision according to customers requests
    • Production according 3D data
    • Die sinking:
    • Automated and air-conditioned production
    • Tracking of parts and electrodes via Certa-chip-system
    • Electrodes made of graphite, in special cases copper or tungsten copper
    • High-quality measuring of electrodes and finished parts
    • Processing of steel, titanium, hard metal and Inconel
    • Electrodes:
    • Clamping system ITS 50 Erowa or Erowa 148 Powerchuck
    • Graphite EDM200, EDM1, EDM3 or other sorts on request
    • Laser welding:
    • Alpha Laser ALW 150
    • Contract welding of tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, copper alloys (e.g. Ampco), aluminium
    • Joint welding on request

    Comprehensive Material Expertise

    When selecting the most suitable injection moulding material for your specific application, you can rely on our long-standing experience in a wide range of application areas. And as a contract moulder we are also well at home in all matters of processability. We mould:

    • All standard commodity and engineering thermoplastics
    • High-temperature resins, such as PEEK, PPSU, PPS, …
    • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
    • Liquid crystal polymers (LCP)


    In the field of mould making we process:

    • Tool steel
    • Stainless and acid resistant steel
    • Titanium and aluminium alloys
    • Hard metal
    • Nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel (e.g. Inconel 625), Waspaloy, Hastelloy
    • Tungsten copper
    • Copper and brass

    Precision Engineering

    Mould making is one of toolcraft's core competencies. We manufacture injection moulds for any production volume to highest standards of precision and quality:

    • Prototyping moulds made of aluminium
    • Mould bases in steel for small production series
    • Series moulds
    • Moulds for multi-material and insert moulding
    • Moulds for ceramic injection moulding
    • Zinc die casting moulds
    • Contract manufacturing of moulds and spare parts
    • Laser welding

    Our References

    Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

    Impressions of our Injection Moulding and Mould Making dimension

    • Painted hearing aids
      Painted hearing aids
    • CAD/CAM workstations at mould making
      CAD/CAM workstations at mould making
    • Surgical tools
      Surgical tools
    • Milling of inserts with HSC MP7
      Milling of inserts with HSC MP7
    • Quality assurance in automated tool design
      Quality assurance in automated tool design
    • 100% quality measuring of inserts
      100% quality measuring of inserts
    • Antenna base
      Antenna base
    • Crankcase
    • Injection Moulding at Georgensgmünd
      Injection Moulding at Georgensgmünd
    • Two-component moulding machine
      Two-component moulding machine
    • Frame components for hearing aids
      Frame components for hearing aids
    • Quality assurance injection moulding
      Quality assurance in the field of injection moulding
    • Hearing aids
      Hearing aids
    • Complete process chain - from mould bases to the finished mould
      Complete process chain - from mould bases to the finished mould
    • Laserwelding also in contract moulding
      Laserwelding also in contract moulding