How We Help Innovative Product Concepts to Become Reality

More than just manufacturing. Partners in innovation. toolcraft sees itself as a comprehensive service provider for its customers. From the first idea to the finished product. In this, we understand the big picture and meet a growing demand for total solutions in the market.

This is backed by a team of highly qualified employees for demanding engineering solutions. From research and technical development to design and manufacture – also for our own needs. Based on many years of experience in project management, comprehensive market and material expertise as well a pronounced passion for challenges.

In the field of design, our specialists rely on SolidWorks and Siemens NX as well as its integrated CAE modules for design validation and optimisation. And through our collaboration with unicam Software GmbH we are always up to date on the latest CAD/CAM technology.

Among other things we offer the possibility to create a construction file out of a finished part – using the so called Scan to 3D module by SolidWorks. Reverse engineering analyses the structure of a hardware component without documents so that the key points for creating a corresponding construction file can be absorbed. Therefore a largely exact image can be ensured.

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Comprehensive: Take Advantage of Our Integral Engineering Approach

  • Innovative focus.
    Efficient product development begins with the right material and process selection in the early concept stage.
  • Greater productivity.
    Advanced 3D CAD/CAM software provides comprehensive simulation possibilities for finding the most economic manufacturing solution for your specific product.
  • Enormous time savings.
    Many products can be perfectly optimised even before prototyping.
  • Qualified specialists.
    With long-standing experience in various different industries.
  • Modern software.
    We continuously invest in advanced CAE/CAD/CAM equipment and in the further education of our engineering team.
  • From the idea to the product.
    Through custom-tailored, creative and efficient total solutions.

Our References

Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

Wide Range of Services

Our service offering in the field of engineering is focussed on your specific requirements. This comprises:

  • Qualified advice in application-specific material selection and design
  • Computer assisted design and engineering, using advanced software
  • Development of product-specific automation solutions, devices, plants and machinery, including operation and control (PLC and CNC programming)
  • Reverse Engineering


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    Impressions of our Engineering dimension

    • Engineering office
      Advanced software for design…
    • Engineering team
      …and manufacture
    • Specialty equipment made by toolcraft – the tube decoater
      Specialty equipment made by toolcraft – the tube decoater
    • Robot Cell
      …the Robot Cell
    • Hebetool HT2 (unfinished)
      ...the Hebetool HT2 (unfinished)
    • Cegelec Scanner
      the Cegelec Scanner
    • Assembly device for lighting systems
      ... assembly device for lighting systems
    • Ice blast technology with automated cross table
      ... ice blast technology with automated cross table