Points to the Future

Since its foundation by Bernd Krebs in 1989, toolcraft has followed a dedicated strategy of growth by innovation, excellency and highest product quality. With 364 employees altogether, today, our parent plant in Georgensgmünd and our mould making facilities in Spalt operate on a total floor space of 153,837 sq.ft.

1989 Foundation of toolcraft by Bernd Krebs

Bernd Krebs founded toolcraft in a garage in Schwabach with just one milling machine in 1989. His aim was to start a company where it is a pleasure to work. 


Founded by Bernd Krebs
1992 Opening of own company building

After hiring its first employees and purchasing further milling machines, the company moved into its first own building.

Opening of own company building 3,229 sq ft
1992 Foundation of unicam

Bernd Krebs discovered the potential of the software market at an early stage, promting him to found the software company unicam in 1992. Since then, the company has been successfully selling CAM software as well as programming and simulation software in the field of robotics. 

Foundation of unicam
1998 Foundation of YPTI

Personal relationships with Indonesia led to the foundation of the manufacturing company YPTI. Since then, toolcraft and YPTI have been working together closely by sharing experiences on the European and Asian market.

Foundation of YPTI in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
22000 Relocation to new building

toolcraft's milled and turned parts were in high demand from the very beginning. This meant that 10 years after being founded, the company needed to relocate to a larger building.

Relocation to new company building 16,210 sq ft
2005 Acquisition of Spalter Feinwerktechnik

In 2005, toolcraft expanded its portfolio to include injection moulding and mould making. After acquiring Spalter Feinwerktechnik (formerly Trix), the company gained six additional employees. Since then, it has continuously extended its operations in this field. 

Acquisition of Spalter Feinwerktechnik 28,503 sq ft
2011 Expansion of production floor

The construction of the second production hall in Georgensgmünd enabled toolcraft to further expand its range of machines and gain new customers.

Expansion of production floor space by 23,896 sq ft
2011 Establishment of metal laser melting

The first metal laser melting machine laid the foundations for another success story at toolcraft. 3D metal printing is now a recognised production technology and toolcraft has been continuously expanding its range of machinery and the materials it processes in this field ever since. 

Addition of metal laser melting
2012 Floor space enlarged by 31,800 sq.ft.

The third production hall had to be built in Georgensgmünd in 2012.

Floor space enlarged by 33,121 sq ft
2013 Automated tool design

The new centre enables tools to be made on a cutting-edge automated system in which the flow of parts can be centrally managed. This means parts can be produced around the clock if necessary, with high throughput and fast delivery times.

Automated tool design in Spalt
2013 Installation of system for non-destructive testing

A system for non-destructive testing using fluorescent penetrant was installed in 2013. The system complies with NADCAP requirements.

Installation of a system for non-destructive testing
2015 Establishment of robotics division

Many years of experience in machining and the long-term partnership with the software company unicam led to toolcraft establishing its in-house robotics division in 2015. The division manufactures universally applicable robotic solutions, including hardware and software.

Establishment of robotics division
2016 Foundation of Toolcraft Wohlrab Ltd. in Singapore

toolcraft and Wohlrab founded their joint venture, Toolcraft Wohlrab Ltd., in 2016. The joint injection moulding centre is situated on the ground floor and occupies an area of 2583,34 sq ft.

Foundation of Toolcraft Wohlrab Ltd. in Singapore
2016 Construction of the forth hall and development of a metal laser melting centre

2016 also saw construction work begin on the fourth hall and the development of a metal laser melting centre in Georgensgmünd. The work has not only enabled the field of 3D metal printing to be expanded through the addtion of further machines, but has also provided the robotic division with enough space in one of the new halls.

Expansion of production floor space by 48,879 sq ft