Our Facilities

At our facility in Georgensgmünd we manufacture high-end precision parts and assemblies. The majority of our turning and milling centres are located here, as well as wire EDM and 3D metal printing. The latest state of technology is available in the field of measuring and testing. We test and develop innovative engineering processes until they are ready to be used on production lines. Especially short delivery times due to short distances are a real advantage. In Georgensgmünd we also manufacture complex injection moulded parts under optimal conditions. In 2015 there was the establishment of the robotics as an independent dimension with the construction of customised turnkey robotics solutions.

In Spalt – nearby Georgensgmünd – you find our mould making and die sinking EDM facilities. Your tools are produced with state-of-the-art technology in our automated tool design. Furthermore we also manufacture traditionally according to your requirements. In combination with injection moulding you profit from the whole process chain.

Facility Georgensgmünd

Facility Spalt