Case Study: stripping machine - tube decoater

New Technology for Tube End Finishing

In order to improve their speed of automotive assembly, Audi company was seeking to replace its existing procurement of pre-fabricated media lines by an integrated manufacturing process. toolcraft's Engineering team developed a completely novel, fully automated stripping machine for this need.

The Starting Point:
Save Costs and Time

For automotive assembly, the ends of media lines for fuel and fluids must be stripped without damaging the metal layer under the plastic sheathing. The use of pre-fabricated lines turned out not flexible and fast enough.

The Challenge:
Inline Manufacturing

In the assembly of vehicles made to order, there is a permanent need for media lines in different lengths and diameters. Apart from precise stripping, therefore, the solution for Audi also required a flexible setup management and the seamless integration of the machine controls into the automation process of the transfer line.

The Approach:
From Concept to Patent

  • Trials with manual turning devices and purpose-developed stripping tools
  • Design and manufacture of a stripping machine including servo drive, PLC, touch panel and setup management
  • Validation by Audi and machine optimisation
  • Patenting of the solution, with potential for similar tasks, such as PA jacketed fuel lines made of aluminium.

The Results:
Brake Lines in 3-Second Cycles

The tube decoater developed by toolcraft allows the customer to integrate the precise fabrication of brake lines into the entire assembly process. In a cost-effective and flexible way, at cycle times of 3 seconds maximum.

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