Case Study: Kinetic Rain

Mobile Installation at Singapore Airport with Floating Drops made by toolcraft

In July 2012, Kinetic Rain was installed at Singapore Changi Airport by MKT AG as the world's largest mobile sculpture. It consists of hundreds of motor-driven floating drops, suspended on thin steel wires and creating different images within a 15-minute choreography. The installation was conceived by artists and programmers of Berlin-based Art+Com AG. toolcraft was asked to develop and manufacture the drops, including material and process selection.

The Starting Point:
Kinetics in Highgloss

The drops had to be light enough so they will not overload the linear motors - but not too light to prevent them from whirling and banging onto each other in the head space of the hall. Furthermore, a highgloss copper-coloured surface had been specified. This and an ideal weight of approx. 170 g (6 oz.) resulted in the decision to manufacture the drops in aluminium.

The Challenge:
Shape and Cost Control

Due to their shape and specified weight, the drops could not simply be machined out of an aluminium block, but had to be manufactured as twin-shell hollow bodies, including a tight-fitting fine-pitch thread for assembling the shells and an impeccable copper-coloured highgloss coating – all within very ambitious budget limits per piece.

The Approach:
Competent and Efficient

  • Selection of the most suitable materials and processes
  • Design and manufacture of first prototypes
  • Optimisation of copper coating
  • Manufacture of drop by drop in consistent quality
  • One single contact from the first concept through to implementation

The Results:
Representative Total Solution

With the drops for Singapore Changi Airport's world spectacular Kinetic Rain, toolcraft once again demonstrated its core competences in turning and milling. In a comprehensive total solution – from the ideal material and optimised design to precision manufacture, including copper coating.

You have another challenge for us? Then do not hesitate to contact us, today. Our team is looking forward to new tasks.

Case Study


Berliner Art+Com AG

Singapore Changi Airport

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