Case Study: DZ Bank

Freeform Roof for Berlin with Structural Components in High-Grade Steel from Georgensgmünd

For the glass roof above the atrium of Berlin's DZ BANK, designed by world famous architect Frank O. Gehry, Josef Gartner GmbH was looking for a competent partner. Gartner specialises in construction of aluminium and glass façades. The arched Atrium Skylight covers a total area of 19,375 sq.ft. and is supported by a structure of altogether 2,490 bars and 826 crosspoints made of high-grade steel for approximately 1,500 clear glass panels of different sizes. A challenge that had a significant impact on the further development of toolcraft in the late 1990s and laid the cornerstone for other major projects.

The Starting Point:
Demanding Major Project

Since each of the glass panels has a different triangular shape, each of the crosspoints is also a unique element. However, the customer wanted all crosspoints to be supplied by one single-source manufacturer. The specified material was a corrosion and acid resistant high-grade steel.

The Challenge:
Hundreds of Unique Elements

The size of the projects seemed to shake the art of the possible. Each crosspoint had to be cut in different dimensions from a high-grade steel plate, followed by a milling process – nonetheless in consistent quality and precision for mounting the fastening disks for the glass panels.

The Approach:
Pragmatic Solution

  • Analysis of the production capacity required for the large order
  • Determining the most efficient manufacturing process for the crosspoints, with support from our machine partner Deckel, Maho & Gildemeister (today DMG Mori Seiki)
  • Programming of the machining parameters for the various different crosspoints
  • Manufacture of all 826 crosspoint elements in time for the installation of the roof in year 2000

The Results:
A Perfect Example of toolcraft's Passion for Excellency

The manufacture of the crosspoint elements for the atrium freeform turned out to be a key project for toolcraft's further development. Tackled with passion, and implemented with the solution expertise that has become typical of toolcraft.

You have another challenge for us? Then do not hesitate to contact us, today. Our team is looking forward to new tasks.

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