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Motorsport enthusiasts know the Lotus sports car well. Komo-Tec specialises in this car. Thereby our customer is a part of the race. Valuable experience gained on the track contributes to the further development of cars approved for street use. Resulting in the production of high-quality and reliable vehicles. Components made by toolcraft can now be found in a Lotus engine. Komo-Tec relies on the process chain developed by toolcraft for the production of valve covers.

Used technologies:


Komo-Tec GmbH

the starting point:
Missing 3D data

Komo-Tec only had access to finished parts. It was for this reason that the vehicle specialist turned to toolcraft. Should a particular hardware component exist without production history, the required 3D files can be "reconstructed". This form of reverse engineering has complimented the company's range of services since 2014. Enabling the engineering team to restore the valve cover construction file required by the customer. Komo-Tec was provided with a tailor-made, holistic solution that included production and quality assurance for the part.

the challenge:
Delivery in no time

Reverse engineering means that the structures of a manufactured part can be investigated, thereby allowing the key features of the corresponding construction file to be reconstructed and ensuring that an exact representation can be made. Utilising optical measurements from a finished part, a point cloud can be generated and used to create 3D data via reverse engineering. An additional challenge for the entire team was the short amount of time available between measurement and delivery of the finished valve covers.

the approach:
Precise integration of all necessary departments

  • GOM optometry provided optical part measurements
  • Generation of a point cloud by reverse engineering within the scan to 3D module of SolidWorks
  • Completion of the 3D data and subsequent valve cover production
  • Once the parts were approved, further production of valve covers commenced

the results:
A complete, customised solution

Thanks to its cooperation with unicam Software GmbH, toolcraft is always at the cutting edge of CAD/CAM technology. The new process of reverse engineering allows us to offer our clients additional tailor-made solutions. The quick turnaround time from scan to finished component was a great challenge for our team. The project successfully demonstrated the seamless integration of individual dimensions.

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