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Transporting reliably

Exceptional performance under extreme conditions

A growing number of products and goods are transported by rail. This is why ABB has invested in enhancing the propulsion systems used in diesel locomotives. In addition to boosting both performance and flexibility, ABB turbochargers reduce emissions and operating costs. One important development is the TPR56 + VTG by ABB Turbo Systems AG, which features a groove ring made by toolcraft. Specially designed for freight trains on long-haul journeys and heavy shunting applications, the technology must be able to achieve outstanding levels of performance on a daily basis despite facing extreme conditions. To do so, it ensures that the boost pressure is perfectly adapted to the ambient conditions, enhances operational flexibility and improves the load-bearing capacity of the engine.

Used technologies:


ABB Turbo Systems AG

the starting point:
Demanding requirements

From the beginning, the project team was faced with extremely challenging specifications in terms of form and positional tolerances. As requested by the client, the groove rings are made from nitrided steel, which is known for being very difficult to machine. Its extraordinary hardness of around 800 HV is achieved by the heat treatment it undergoes at the end of the process, which gives the groove ring a high level of wear resistance.

the challenge:
Extensive knowledge of materials is key

Besides the logistical demands of the project, the greatest challenge was presented by the chemical and physical changes made to the material during the heat treatment. This means that when manufacturing the rings, the narrow tolerances required must be achieved after the nitriding process. This demands both manufacturing skills and, above all, an in-depth knowledge of materials.

the approach:
Precise and efficient

  • Extensive testing of the physical and dimensional changes made during the heat treatment
  • Adaptation of the 3D data and 2D drawings to the treatment process
  • Selection of the correct partner from the supplier network
  • Manufacture of the first prototypes for approval
  • Manufacture of the rings to a consistent high quality

the results:
Capable of meeting the most stringent of requirements

Thorough preparation and extensive testing resulted in a smooth production process being developed for the groove rings. Reliable partners working on equal terms are indispensable for maintaining this. Overall, toolcraft’s manufacturing skills and comprehensive knowledge of materials have once again been successfully demonstrated.

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