Metal Laser Melting

How Imagination and Metal Powder Create Groundbreaking Solutions

Structures that seemed previously impossible. Efficient cooling of entire geometries in confined space. Just two examples of how metal laser melting opens completely new dimensions of thinking and working.

With this technology, we have set out stakes on innovation once again. And combined with our proven core competencies we deliver significant added value. Layer by layer, high-performance metal powders are melted and precision shaped by means of a laser. Depending on the requirements we process aluminium alloys, nickel-based alloys such as Inconel® 625 and many others. In a subsequent machining process, the structures are finished to functional components. A truly pioneering achievement by toolcraft – and precisely the total solution demanded by many markets.

The benefits are evident: Even highly complex geometries can be realised – without any tooling, with considerable time savings and less material wastage. The resulting quality is convincing, and meets even the high requirements in aerospace and motor sports.

The technology at a glance

    • Benefits
    • References
    • Materials

    Convincing: How You as Our Customer Can Take Advantage of Metal Laser Melting

    • Greater freedom of design.
      Even the most complex geometries are possible.
    • Broader range of applications.
      Also suitable for materials that are hard to machine.
    • Clear time and resource savings.
      Parts manufactured within a few days, no need for tooling.
    • Profitability.
      Lower part costs, less warpage and/or formation of voids.
    • Innovation potential.
      As your partner in research and development, we open new perspectives and market opportunities for you.
    • Optimal price-performance ratio.
      With us, you can realise prototypes, pilot and small series quickly and cost-efficiently. Thereby the main factors are the exposure and coating time.

    Our References

    Upon request we will be pleased to send you a list of our references.

    Versatile Material Base

    Mechanical strength, heat resistance, bio-compatibility, ...: When selecting the right material for metal laser melting, we match our material and manufacturing expertise to your requirements. Metals we currently process include:

    • Aluminium alloys, such as AlSi10Mg, Scalmalloy®
    • Titanium alloys, such as TiAl6V4
    • Nickel-based alloys, such as Inconel® 718, Inconel® 625, Haynes® 282
    • Tool steels and stainless heat-resistant steels, such as 1.4828, 1.2709
    • Iron-nickel alloys, such as 1.3912 (Invar)

    Impressions of our Metal Laser Melting dimension

    • Metal laser melting M2
      Equipment for metal laser melting by Concept Laser GmbH
    • Metal laser melting
      Process preparation – insertion of platen
    • metal powder
      High-quality metal powder
    • Layer by layer to the finished component
    • Cooling jacket internally cooled medical technology
      Cooling jacket
    • 3D printed pin
      Internally cooled mould inserts
    • Swirler, HDV turbine blade and IKZ tool holder recess turning
      Swirler, HDV turbine blade and IKZ tool holder recess turning